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You and your customers share the same goal: You want your business to deliver value by satisfying critical needs effciently.  Customer relationship management (CRM) tools from Microsoft Dynamics 365™  enable your company to be that kind of business.

Use familiar software solutions to help empower your employees to function at optimal productivity levels, to deliver high-quality services and responsive communications, and to obtain better results from your sales and service business.

Learn more about Power Time and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.:

Power Time Introduction

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Introduction

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Your Source for Data Migrations:

Whether you are doing an initial data migration or need to perform data synchronization on a regular basis, Scribe is the premier solution. Power Time chooses Scribe for the flexibility it offers across multiple database conversions.

Power Time:
  • has 28 years experience deploying CRM solutions.
  • is certified in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ACT!.
  • offers data conversion services.
  • customizes the software to meet and exceed your business requirements.
  • provides remote or on-site support services.
ACT! enables individuals and small business customers to instantly access key contact and customer information, manage and prioritize activities, and track all contact-related communications so you can grow productive business relationships. .

Power Time can help you maximize your ACT! investment. As ACT! certified consultants, we incorporate your business goals and objectives into your implementation of ACT!.

Great news for Dynamics CRM 2016 prospects and customers - Microsoft Dynamics 365 now available!

We are very excited to bring you Microsoft Dynamics 365! We’ve been proud to represent Dynamics CRM for the past eleven years, but the changes in this release really take the product to a new level of capability for our clients. Dynamics CRM has always excelled in its user interface, the unmatched ability to integrate with other Microsoft products, and its flexibility to be customized to your specific business requirements. Improvements in Dynamics 365 dramatically enhance CRM’s utility as a productive tool to increase your sales and profits. Here are a few of our favorite new features. Over the coming weeks, we will explore each of these and other features in detail.

Capture key business metrics with rollup fields
Many of our clients have requested fields that provide aggregated information from related entities. In the past such information was available only with the use of complex workflows and coding. Now we can aggregate through hierarchies, count filtered child records (how many open cases), or total numeric values (total expected revenue for an account based on open opportunities). Rollup fields may be decimals or whole numbers, currency, or date/time field types.

Branching Business Processes
In recent versions of Dynamics CRM, we have had the ability to guide business or sales processes with visual, rule based steps. Now we can build in branching to reflect the “If/Then” flow of your business.

Simplified Calculated Fields
We’ve always loved the flexibility CRM gave us to calculate almost anything you need to know. However, in the past, you had to depend on our coders to create the calculations. Now, for those who wish, many calculated fields can be defined without any background programming, making adjustments quick, easy, and in your control.

Customizable Help
Have you ever wanted help files specific to your processes so your users would have ready access to the guidance they need any time? Now CRM help files can be customized to your business, your CRM design, and the user’s activities and tasks. Links can be customized to each entity and organization.

Field-Level Security Available on All Fields
We previously had field level security available on custom fields, but not on system fields. Now any field can be protected.

Query and visualize hierarchical data
We have long been able to create hierarchical data (Parent Companies, Divisions, Subsidiaries, Locations), but now you can create a visual representation in either a tree or tile view and compare and edit attributes across levels.

Product Catalog Improvements
The product catalog configuration has been simplified and enhanced. The design and development of a product catalog is simplified, product and service bundles are easily created for attractive offerings, the process of importing and exporting products has been simplified, and product families can be created to cross-sell and up-sell.

Dynamics Marketing and Social Listening
Not your kids’ social networking, Dynamics Marketing and Social Listening dramatically expand CRM’s ability to provide business research and marketing tools. Each is a huge step forward and worthy of a full, separate discussion. Watch for more information about both of these tools soon. Please call us for more information or to discuss how these improvements can be implemented in your system to make it even better.

Best regards,

Susan Eckles

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