Power Time - We convert your sales, marketing, and customer service processes into easy systems that work.
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Services Overview
Power Time Services
Power Time...Dedicated to maximizing the impact of your time, your marketing dollars, and your relationships with your clients through customer relationship management (CRM).

We are in business to make sure your CRM solution works the way it should.  And that means that we
  • Help you examine your sales and customer service processes and find ways to make your team more effective.
  • Design the sytem to track the unique information you need to run your business.
  • Train your people to maximize their productivity.
  • Provide help desk and technical support.
  • Setup remote or offline synchronizations for remote users.
  • Create a web interface so you can access your data anytime.
  • Streamline your system to run faster and with greater stability.
  • Write the reports you need to manage your business.
  • Link your CRM solution to other programs and tools.
And, we will
  • Recommend the add-on products you need to enhance your program's "natural abilities".
  • Write programs for those special requirements that aren't available in packaged products.

ACT! V16 Services Pyramid Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Power Time Corporation  5151 Mitchelldale St., Suite A6  Houston, TX  77092 Toll Free: (800) 780-0199  Office: (713) 995-8455  Fax: (713) 995-8405
Power Time Products

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