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TeleMagic Enterprise Version 5
TeleMagicDue to business considerations, the publisher of TeleMagic, Sage Software, retired the product on December 31, 2002.  This means that no future development work will be done and Sage Software no longer provides technical support for the product.  All support is provided by Authorized Marketing Partners like Power Time Corporation.  TeleMagic Licenses may still be purchased.  However, after more than 26 years of supporting TeleMagic, we recommend exploring other products such as ACT! or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Our most pressing concern with TeleMagic is future software incompatibility with operating systems and Microsoft Office products.  Additionally, hardware vendors have stopped supporting TeleMagic.

Many of our TeleMagic clients have migrated to ACT!.  For TeleMagic customizations that are too complex to be converted to ACT!, we recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We will continue to support our loyal TeleMagic users who choose not to migrate to another product.

Disclaimer:  The contents contained herein are the views, expressions, and recommendations of Power Time Corporation and are not affiliated with or approved by Sage Software.  Power Time Corporation is an Authorized Marketing Partner for TeleMagic, an ACT! Certified Consultant, and a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certified Partner.

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